About Us

I'm Alayna and that handsome man I'm cuddling up next to is my husband Casey, and we are the husband and wife team behind Carolina Nectar Co. We create artisanal tea blends and we hand-pour "clean" soy candles that focus on getting people back to the path of natural wellness and self-care. 

I have always had a love and interest in natural remedies and when my mom was struggling with constant hot flashes and other tough menopause symptoms, I knew the medicinal herbs I was studying could help. So I created our very first tea blend, Hot Mama Hibiscus

After just one week of drinking two cups a day, my mom's hot flashes had improved drastically. She stopped drinking the tea for a day or two and they came back full-force, so we knew this stuff was the real deal and we needed to figure out a way to get our teas out into the world to help more people. 

I've also had a serious candle obsession for as long as I can remember. The relaxing feeling of having a flickering flame nearby and delicious scents that act as aromatherapy is something I just can't live without. But when we started looking at the ingredients in all of our big name brand candles, we were disgusted and began the search for "clean" candles that we were proud to burn in our home. We searched and searched, and realized clean candles were harder to get your hands on than we had hoped, so Casey and I decided to try our hand at making our own. 

What's better self-care than curling up on the couch with a steamy cup of healing herbal tea and enjoying a wooden wick soy candle crackling beside you? Yeaaa, we're pretty sure there's nothing better than that. 

We are so excited to bring you eco-friendly products that are great for your mind, body and soul. When self-care can incorporate natural, handmade products with ingredients sourced sustainably, directly from the Earth, truly great things can happen.